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January, February, & March

For the following months, we will continue learning about colors and add five numbers to each grade level.

We have learned the alphabet up to the letter J, and we will continue learning the rest of alphabet.

We will learn

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Kindergarten-Second Grade:

Students will practice terms, phrases, colors, numbers, etc. learned in class.

Third Grade:

Complete your assignments and bring to school the following day. Third graders should also practice terms learned in class at home.

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November-December Monthly Update


Math: Students are learning to count to ten in Spanish as well as recognize numbers in Spanish.

Language Arts: Students will learn how to say letter A-J in Spanish.

Greetings: Students will learn the following greetings. How are you?

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Spanish September 3- September 28

This Month

Kindergarten- Spanish numbers, colors, greetings (1-10)

First Grade- Spanish numbers, colors, greetings (1-10)

Second Grade- Spanish numbers, colors, greetings (1-20)

Third Grade- Spanish numbers, colors, greetings (1-20)

Colors: red (rojo), orange (naranja), blue (azul)

Next week: White (blanco)

Greetings we have

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