Taking Care of the Earth

Earth: the planet that we live on; the world

Conserve: to save or protect something

Exhaust: the waste that goes into the air from cars and other machines

Landfill: a place where garbage is dumped and buried

Reservoirs: places where water is collected and stored for use

Pollution: something harmful in the air, water, or land that doesn’t belong there

Carpool: to travel in a car with other people, sharing the costs and often taking turns as the driver

Litter: to throw trash or garbage outside where it does not belong, instead of putting it in garbage can

Compost: a mixture of decaying foods and other natural things, like leaves and grass clippings, that eventually turn into soil

Recycle: to turn trash into something else to be used instead of throwing it away

Effort: a try at something, especially when it is hard

Reduce: to use less of something

Global: all over Earth, a round the world

Supply: the amount of something that is available for use

Solution: an answer to a question