Stories Vocabulary

This domain will introduce students to classic stories that have been favorites with children for generations. Students will become familiar with stories like “The Three Little Pigs,” “Chicken Little,” and “The Bremen Town Musicians.” They will meet memorable characters like Goldilocks and the Billy Goats Gruff. Students will also learn about trickster tales and how smaller characters can
outwit larger, stronger characters. In addition, two of the read-alouds—“Momotaro, Peach Boy” (a Japanese folktale) and “The Story of Jumping Mouse” (a Native American legend)—will help students develop an appreciation for fiction from other cultures.  By listening carefully to and discussing the stories, students will acquire an understanding of the elements of a story including characters, plot, and setting. This domain will help students develop an awareness of language to help them become both better writers and readers. This domain will also introduce students to recurring themes in popular culture and children’s literature.

Vocabulary Words

Fiction: a type of book or story that has imaginary characters and events

Character: the person, animal, or made-up creature that a story is about

Setting: where a story takes place

Plot: the sequence of events in a story

Sly: sneaky, secretive, and clever

Blazing: hot and bright

Misused: used incorrectly

Foolishness: silly or ridiculous things that people do or say

Perilous: dangerous

Musician: someone who plays a musical instrument or sings

Suddenly: very quickly and unexpectedly

Longed: really wanted something that is often hard to get