Kings and Queen Vocab

kingdom:  an area ruled or goverend by a king or queen

royal: anything belonging to a king or queen or other members of their family, such as a prince or princess

rules: leads and makes decisions

servants: men or women who are hired and paid to take care of the king or queen, as well as their hom and land

advantages: things that are good about a situation; benefits

disadvantages: things that are not good about a situation

reign: the period of time during which a king or queen rules a kingdom

treasures: things that are valuable becasue they cost a lot, like gold, or because they ahve a special meaning for someone, like a special toy

merry: happy

dainty: fancy, small, and pretty, delicate

delicate: fragile and easily broken

graceful: moving, speakin, or actin in a smoot and beautiful way

cinders: samll bits of burned wood from the firepace

tattered: torn and worn out

fairest: most beautiful