Volunteers & Partnerships

Volunteer at Unity Classical Charter School: CFA


At Unity Classical Charter School, CFA, we urge parents, guardians and members of the community to get partner with our school to help us better serve all of our students. We are eager to involve the entire community including individuals, senior citizens, college students, businesses, faith-based institutions, agencies, community groups and others in support of education. Volunteer orientations are held monthly at our school site. Please contact the school 24-48 hours prior to attending a Volunteer Orientation and Training session, in order that we may ensure adequate space accommodations. While prospective volunteers may attend an orientation and training session at anytime, you must do the following in order to volunteer at Unity Classical Charter School, CFA:
(1) Complete a Criminal Background Check at the following link and submit the designated fee. The URL is: https://www.ezycheck.net/cciezyapp/

The credentials to login are:

Username: unityclass

Password: background

Authorization Code: ucccheck

Credentials are CASE sensitive. You will be prompted to pay the designated fee and if everything is submitted correctly\you will be brought to a THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER page. The completed report notification will automatically be forwarded to Human Resources/Operations Management.
(2) Once your background check has been approved, verified and received by the school, you will be scheduled for a volunteer orientation and training session.
(3) Upon completion of the Volunteer Orientation and Training session, you may begin volunteering! Remember, when volunteering, you must register at the front desk and bring identification each time.  For additional questions, contact our school office at 980-202-5899.

Volunteer for academic achievement

Unity Classical Charter School, CFA utilizes volunteers to help students improve their reading, writing and math skills. The school will provide a listing of volunteer opportunities, such as room parents and matching a student that needs additional help in one or more areas with a trained volunteer. Individuals who have time to volunteer during the school day is highly valued by our teachers and staff.  There may also be special opportunities available to work with students in designated before or after school academic based programs.
Other opportunities to participate

Those who want to help children will find many ways to volunteer at Unity Classical Charter School, CFA. They can help in the classroom, with field day events, in the office, as a reading buddy, with an art project, technology or music. At Unity Classical Charter School, CFA we need adults to assist in personalized learning for our students and serve as role models.

Business Partnerships and Alliances  

Your business, civic organization, higher-education institution, faith-based partnership or agency can join Unity Classical Charter School in providing relevant, realistic experiences through mentoring and tutoring, as well as, in-kind or financial donations. Your committed support in these areas will assist our students in understanding the connection between partnerships and how academic success today can impact career success tomorrow. Mentors and tutors must follow same criminal background volunteer process. For additional information or to schedule an appointment or tour contact our school office at 980-202-5899.