Updates/Reminders Week of 12/9

In Skills this week, we will finish Skills 3. This week, students will plan, draft, and edit a personal narrative. We will also review action verbs. Students will have a dictation, reading comprehension, and grammar assessment on Wednesday December 11th. Students will receive their spelling tree journal this week and we will continue to review and add sound/spelling correspondences within this journal.


In Knowledge this week, we will end our Science unit on Magnets. Monday, we will finish by learning about compasses and how they are related to magnetism. We will review this unit on Tuesday and students will be assessed on Wednesday, December 11th.
In Math this week, we will learn about telling time after and before the hour.  Scholars will read time on an analog clock to the closest five minutes, understand quarter hours and half hours as fractions of an hour, relate daily activities to the time, tell time as minutes before the hour, and understand the abbreviations A.M. and P.M.

The second grade students are having their Holiday Feast on Friday, December 13th. Please be sure to return the form sent home as well as the $5 per person by Wednesday!