Our Week Ahead: May 6-10


* Please practice tying shoes.  This a very important skill that needs to be mastered before first grade.

* Send in a snack in your child’s lunch box.  We have snack at the end of our day.

Skills: In skills 9 we are focusing on reading fluently and answering comprehension questions in complete sentences. This week we will review writing all uppercase and lowercase letters and matching them.  We are continuing to learn new tricky words:  said, says, were, here, there.  Remember these are words that we can not sound out because they do not follow the sound rules that we have learned.

Listening and Learning:  We will finish our domain Taking Care of the Earth on Tuesday.  We will have our assessment on Wednesday.  On Thursday, we will begin our last domain for the year, Domain 12: Presidents and American Symbols. This domain explores the lives and legacies of five famous presidents and introduces students to several national symbols including the American flag, the Statue of Liberty, the White House, and Mount Rushmore. Students begin by hearing about the branches of the government, what a president is, what a president does, and how a person becomes a president. We will also learn about George Washington, our nation’s first president.

Lesson 1 – The Home of the President: Washington, D.C.

capital- the city where most of the decisions that affect a state or country are made and where the branches of government are located

liberties- freedoms

monuments- statues or buildings made to honor important people or events

nation- a country

president- the elected leader of a country or group

symbol- a sign or object that stands for something else

Lesson 2 – A Dishonest Story About an Honest Man

confession- a statement that admits something or stays that a person did something wrong

honest- truthful; trustworthy

legend- a very old story or set of stories that are not completely true

national- having to do with or belonging to a nation

respect- to think well of someone because of something he or she did; to admire

Math: We will finish learning about coins this week.  Students will be adding the value up to $1.00 using pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.  Our assessment will be on Friday.


Skills: Tricky words

Math: Coins