Enrollment FAQ’s

Unity Classical-CFA is a tuition-free open enrollment public charter school. Any child enrolling in a K to grade 3 program may apply to attend Unity Classical-CFA for the 2018-2019 school year. If more students apply than there is room in any grade, then students are admitted by public lottery.

1. Do current students have to reapply?

No, however you must complete the intent to return form. It is due Friday January 19th, 2018. All siblings being added into the lottery that are new to us will be added at the bottom of the form. Please click Unity Classical Intent Form to download and complete.

2. Does UCCS honor sibling preference for the lottery?

Yes, if your current student is enrolled at the time of open enrollment and you have a younger child turning 5 on or before August 31, 2018 please include them on your intent to return form under sibling lottery enrollment. If you withdrawal your current student before the school year ends the preference is removed from that lottery application.

3.Can I save a sibling preference for the 2019-2020 school year?

Students can not be enrolled into UCCS lottery for a future year. We are only accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school at this time. This information will be updated in subsequent years to reflect the needs at that time.

4. Does UCCS offer Pre-K or 1/2 day Kindergarten?

No, we are a tuition-free charter school serving grades K-3 in the 2018-2019 school year. We will add one grade per year until we reach our current goal of a K-8 campus. Our Kindergarten students attend school regular hours 8:00am – 3:00pm.

5. When will new registration packets be available?

On Monday April 23, 2018 a downloadable condensed packet will be available for returning families. If you are able to download the packet please email enrollment@unityclassical.org.

New families selected in our lottery will also have registration packets available here for download on Monday April 23,2018 These packets will also be due back on Monday May 7, 2018

6. Does UCCS offer Free and Reduced Price Lunch?

Currently, UCCS does not off free and reduced price lunch at this time. We hope to have more options available to families for the 2018-2019 school year. We will update that here when we do. All students are required to pack a healthy lunch, snack, and bottled water daily.

7. What happens when my child forgets lunch and you don’t have a program in place?

No student goes hungry at UCCS we do have emergency meals available, should a need arise.

8. Does UCCS offer transportation?

Yes, we do have bus transportation via cluster stops throughout the county. Please visit the transportation tab for additional information. We will also include this information in the registration packets on Monday April 16th.

9. When are open house events?

We generally offer them monthly. Please check our school calendar for updates. Please rsvp 48 hours in advance to confirm attendance to info@unityclassical.org

10. When are school tours?

School tours are on Mondays from 9:00-10:00 with our Head of School, Mrs. Goad. Please rsvp 48 hours in advance, if you need to schedule a tour with our Receptionist Mrs. Jones at info@unityclassical.org

11. Does UCCS honor Early Entry into Kindergarten?

UCCS, follows the state mandate for early entry into Kindergarten. If your student will turn five in September your child can not be entered into the lottery. However, if after the lottery takes place and there are seats available in Kindergarten then a parent may inquire about early entry. Early entry is not gauranteed it requires testing by a professionally licensed physchologist at the expense of the parent. In addition the child must score within the 98% of the norms, the child must be interviewed by the school administration for Kindergarten readiness, and then the head master of UCCS will determine if entry into the UCCS, Kindergarten program is right for that student. Please reference the following state mandate for more information.